12 October 2021

Parents, teachers and friends of Thorntree,

‘The only way to change someone’s mind is to connect with them from the heart’ Rasheed Ogunlaru

Welcome back to a very short, jam packed term!

We have 38 school days before the close of our 2021 Academic year, that is frightening and both exciting.

Our teachers attended an emotional regulating course on the 11 October 2021 with Estie Boltman, Educational Psychologist. We are very excited to start practicing this within our classrooms, ask your children today and everyday about their emotional well being, it is important to them, to us and you. Academically a child cannot cope if they are not calm and happy, we actively work on this everyday. Go and have a look at this website for more information.


We have so much planned for this term, a lot of academic work, concert, Prefect selections, final Grade 7 farewell to mention a few. Keep up with your communication on whatsapp and our social media pages.

A reminder is to please make sure you pay January school fees by the end of October to secure your child’s space for 2022, the link for the 2022 fee structure is below. Should you not be able to do this please send me an email hpope@thorntreeprep.co.za so that I am aware of your situation and I can make sure arrangements are made accordingly. We at Thorntree have realised over the last 6 years that this helps parents a lot in January as budgets can be tight. We have a huge amount of applications which are desperate for space for 2022 and thus it gives us the opportunity to make sure all our seats are occupied for 2022. If an email is not received or payment not made we assume your child will not be returning for 2022.

TPS Fee Structure 2022 (PDF)

Our big project for 2022 to build our sports field. If you have any information or have any means to help please do contact me. We are very excited to introduce sport to our program from 2022.

We are elated to announce that our full staff board for 2022 will be finalised before the end of October and we will introduce the new staff as soon as we can.

Always remember we have an open door policy, come in and see me should you feel it is necessary.

Always, my kindest regards,

Helyn Pope,
Thorntree Preparatory School


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