Teacher’s Consultation Hours:

(Upon appointment)

Monday – Thursday:

12:30 – 13:30 (Gr R-3)
13:30 – 14:00 (Gr4-7)

Parent-Teacher Feedback Meetings

Parent –Teacher feedback sessions provide an opportunity for parents to connect with the child’s teacher, discuss any concern that the parent may have and be given first-hand feedback on how the child is performing academically and overall at school. These sessions are held at the beginning of the second, third and fourth terms. Parents will be notified when these meetings will be held and it is important that parents make appointments to meet their child’s/children’s teacher/teachers during these times throughout the year.

Parents in Classrooms

We strongly discourage parents from entering classrooms. Learners wishing to leave early must sign out and complete and exit form from reception. Prior arrangement as far as possible must be made with the school. Forgotten items must be dropped off at reception and not to the class. Please do not engage with teachers in quick chats about your child in the hallways or classrooms before school as this compromises valuable teaching time.

Late Arrivals

As late arrivals cause disruption and compromise both teaching and learning, we encourage learners to arrive ten to fifteen minutes before the start of the school day. In the event of late arrival, please report to reception and sign the late arrival register. Number of late days is reflected in the child’s report.

Absence from School

  • In the event of your child requiring leave from school, please address your request in writing to the teacher. An exit note must be signed at reception when a child exits the school.
  • If an appointment is scheduled during school hours (which should be avoided) a note from parents must be handed at reception from where an early departure slip will be issued.
  • Should your child be ill on the morning of school and will not be at school, parents are required to inform the class teacher as soon as possible. A letter from the parent is required upon return to school.
  • Under no circumstances may a learner leave the school property for whatever reason during school hours without permission from the Head.
  • Should your child be missing a test or exam due to illness, kindly inform the class teacher and liaise with him/her to request a catch up test. The test will be done on the day of return to school at a time convenient to the teacher. A letter will be required upon return to school.
  • Note that absence from school for the sake of Holiday is frowned upon and we request that parents refrain from taking their child out of school time for this purpose. Utilise the school year calendar to make holiday arrangements.
  • The onus is on the learner to catch up on the work that has been missed.
  • Assessment tasks and tests will not be given to learners to take home to complete.
  • No requests will be granted for work to be given in advance if a learner is going on holiday.

First Parents’ Evening

The first Parents Evening of the year is held around the first week of February each year to allow parents the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and to gain insight into the educational world of their child. This valuable opportunity will provide you with the organizational background to support your child positively for the coming year.

Orientation and Induction Workshops

Prior to the new school year, current and new parents are invited to an orientation tea, where all necessary information to facilitate a smooth transition into the coming year is handed out and matters discussed. This usually happens in October.

Parents of children entering grade 4 will attend a separate workshop that will inform them of the adjustments and changes that their child will experience moving on to a new phase, the Intermediate Phase. Guidance, tips and tools will be shared on how to assist your child during this trying year which can be quite overwhelming for a young learner.

The grade 4 learners will also be inducted into the Intermediate Phase through a 3-day long orientation and welcome at the beginning of the school year.


  • Office hours: reception is open from 07:20 to 14:00 Monday to Thursday, and 07:20 to 12:30 on Fridays when administrative staff will be available to assist you with any queries.
  • Either WhatsApp or E-mail, whichever is appropriate, is utilised to communicate with parents. Please ensure that we are in possession of your current contact numbers and E-mail address.
  • The first point of contact regarding learning is via email to your child’s class teacher or subject teacher. The teacher will either email or respond to you telephonically as soon as possible. Please remember that during the school day, the teachers’ main priority is the education and safety of your child/ren, thus they are not available for long discussions during class time.
  • We have an open door policy whereby parents are welcome to make an appointment via reception to discuss any issues of concern with the Head of the School.
  • The school Newsletter is an important communication tool between the school and home. Important dates, events and matters will be conveyed to you through the Newsletter which are sent to you via email.