The school uniform is compulsory and the proper school uniform must be worn at all times. We encourage learners to look neat and presentable at all times. Please mark all clothing, lunch boxes and stationery items clearly.

Uniform includes:

  • Uniform items are the school T-shirt with navy blue shorts, skort, skirt or jeans. In winter a navy blue v neck jersey and navy jacket. Woolworths has a lovely navy jacket for winter.
  • Comfortable and sensible shoes that do not restrict the child’s movement must be worn. No boots above the ankle nor platforms may be worn.
  • Hair must be tidy and clean.
  • Earrings that are studs or sleepers may be worn. An appropriate neck chain, wrist band and or watch are permitted.

Children are encouraged to wear a hat during break times, PE classes, outdoor activities and after school activities. The use of sun block is strongly advised. School T-shirts and hats are ordered through the school.

Lost Property

Learners are encourage to take care of their clothing, lunch boxes and stationery items. The lost Property box is situated in the front reception area where learners can locate their lost property. Should your child have come home with another child’s property, kindly please return the item to school where it will be placed back into the Lost Property box.