Healthy Lunch Boxes

These should contain as little processed food as possible with a minimal number of items containing refined sugars, high GIs, colourants and preservatives. Whole wheat bread, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, nuts, raisins, cheese or yoghurt are a far healthier option. No fizzy cool drinks are allowed. Fruit juices should be pure with no added sugar. The best option is to teach your child to drink unflavoured pure water.

Safety and Security

School gates will be closed from 07:20 to 12:30 daily with access by ringing the bell. No child is allowed off the school premises without prior arrangement and permission by the Head.


Enquiries can be made at Reception for contact numbers of persons currently running transport services to Thorntree. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the driver is aware of the school times and any changes that may have been affected. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the transport arranged for children is legally compliant. Please provide reception with the name of the transport company and driver as well as their contact numbers. Learners using privately arranged transport should be respectful towards their drivers and obey the rules set by them. The school does not accept responsibility for private transport arrangements made by the parents.