Environment & Community

The students’ involvement in community and environmental projects are an essential part of our school curriculum. Our school’s motto for our outreach arm is: “be the change you want to see in the world”. Our aim is to lead by example, to serve others, to respect other cultures and to contribute positively to society.

Each term learners are involved in an opportunity to look beyond themselves and into their surrounding community and reach out with an effort that gives of themselves. Learners donate to various charities, a newly established community centre, the SPCA and enjoy reading opportunities with another less resourced school.

Environmental awareness:
At Thorntree we have already acted upon reducing our water usage following a water audit conducted in 2016; have conducted a waste audit and sort our waste which is collected by a local recycler. We celebrate and bring awareness to at least one environmental day each term. Thorntree subscribes to the Envirokids magazine, a termly publication that learners eagerly await, enjoy reading and contributed articles for publication.