Historical Background

Thorntree Preparatory School is an independent school in the town of Mokopane. It was started in 2016 to fulfill the need for quality primary education to learners of this town. Its vision was to create an educational environment that held the best interest of the child at heart; afforded more experiential learning opportunities for learners; used blended learning and technology to afford learners an additional medium of learning that aligned to and augmented the National Curriculum. Thorntree’s purpose is to increase the learner’s knowledge, skills, understanding and to encourage positive behavioural habits and thinking that are practiced within and extend beyond the schooling environment.

Our Vision

Thorntree Preparatory school’s vision is to create a joyous learning environment that affords learners the knowledge, skills and mind-set to be successful in their lives.

Our Mission

To teach the academic skills, foster the intellectual habits and cultivate the character traits needed for learners to thrive in school and beyond. This will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring that the educators are well qualified to teach the various learning areas.
  • Providing a staff with a high degree of professional integrity.
  • Providing a safe, caring and happy environment which is conducive to learning.
  • Maintaining realistic class sizes conducive to optimal learning.
  • Teaching skills for effective living in a changing world.
  • Encouraging learners to give of their best, whether academically, on the playground, or coping with the trials and tribulations of growing up.
  • Providing differentiated learning opportunities and real life experiences.
  • Offering a blended learning approach in Mathematics and English.
  • Encouraging the Habits of Mind in all areas academic and otherwise.
  • Empowering the learner to cope with both success and failure.

Our Values

Our school motto, “Rooted for Success” is based upon the practice of the 16 Habits of Mind and exercising of a growth mindset. These are behaviours, dispositions and reflective thinking habits employed by individuals in all aspects of their lives for successful outcomes. These habits are coupled with the adoption of the following core values that strengthen students’ self-esteem, optimism and commitment to personal fulfilment; and help students exercise ethical judgment and social responsibility.

Our school’s values education program consists of the following core values:

  • Acceptance
  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence

Of importance is the fact that across our school community (students, staff and parents), we ‘walk and talk’ the same language relating to our school values and the expectations that go with consistent demonstration of these values. In other words, there is a general expectation that all members of our school community are responsible for demonstrating each of the values which should underpin everything we do.

There is a general expectation that all members of our school community are responsible for demonstrating each of the values which should underpin everything we do.


Characteristics of Thorntree Preparatory School

Thorntree Preparatory School is a happy place; a place where the best interest of the child prevails and where the child matters most. We will strive to ensure a happy child through:

  • High standards & stated expectations
  • Passionate, nurturing & inclusive school
  • The National Curriculum
  • Small learning communities
  • “Whole-brain”/creative teaching strategies
  • Positive Behaviour Support and Restorative Justice
  • A Bully-free zone
  • Disciplined but relaxed environment which is conducive to learning.
  • Interactive playground
  • Blended learning
  • Partnerships with our parents as our stakeholders
  • On-going professional development
  • Community service