18 September 2020

Dear Thorntree parents, students, teachers and friends,

Final full week of school for term 3, report comments, marks and serious conversations about
Emotional Intelligence was the theme of the week.

This week I was fortunate enough to attend an ISASA head conference which hosts all the
heads of Independent schools in the country, what an honour!

The speakers were absolutely mind blowing from Adam Habib, vice chancellor of WITS who
was instrumental in talks on transformation and inclusive education. ‘Get SAB Breweries to
make sure all government schools get their textbooks every year, if they are capable of finding
all the shebeens in the country they sure will be able to find all the schools.’ Some light
perspective on how we can ensure all our children receive education. He publishes great
articles on News24 and Mail and Guardian which are very interesting and thought-provoking
should you want to read more of his work.

Dr Lisa Damour a recognised leader by the American Psychological Association for her work on
stress and anxiety, Lisa is the author of two New york Times bestselling books, Untangled:
Guiding teenage girls and the seven transitions into adulthood , and Under Pressure:
Confronting the epidemic of stress and anxiety . Dr Lisa spoke to the emotional stress that our
children have endured over COVID and how a school gives students purpose, class and
advisories time and learning is a happy distraction. Her calm demeanor and absolute zest for
life was inspiring. Should you want to look into her work I have added the link here:

Nicky Newton-King stepped down in September 2019 as the Chief Executive of the
Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Nicky shed light on expenses which need to be cut due to
COVID and the absolute necessity of parents paying school fees and how as schools we will
struggle as the economy will regain confidence. Nicky expressed how important it is to allow
parents to help build the school and encourage parents to assist where they can. This is a plea
to come forward should you have the capacity to grow our school.

Lovelyn Nwadeyi, is the founder of L&N Advisors established to advocate for social justice and
has worked extensively in the educational space. Lovelyn encouraged us as heads to empower
our curriculum with real life content and take a different stance on certain subjects to ensure we
can all relate. She spoke of treating all equally and allowing growth throughout the school. One
woman I will continue to follow throughout my life to ensure we all keep on par with the
environment we share. I would like to share her open letter to white parents and teachers, it is agood read!

PHOTO DAY ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY, please make sure your children have the correct
uniform on, hair is neat and tidy.

Heritage dress up day and picnic will be held on Wednesday to start off our holiday well.


Have a good rest this weekend, enjoy your children.

Kind regards,
Helyn Pope
Thorntree Preparatory School
060 408 1961
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2020 Term Calendar - REVISED COVID 19

Term 1 (53 days)
Start 15 January 2020
Close 26 March 2020
Half term Close 19 February 2020
Return 24 February 2020
Extramural Activity Day
Saturday 7 March 2020Term 2 (51 days)
Start 15 April 2020
Close 3 July 2020
Half term Close 27 May 2020
Return 1 June 2020
Public Holiday 1 May 2020 (Workers Day)
16 June 2020 (Youth Day) , Thorntree students will have 15 June Monday off too.

Term 3 (50 days)
Start 14 July 2020
Close 23 September 2020
Half term Close 7 August 2020
Return 12 August 2020
Extramural Activity Day
Saturday 1 August 2020

Term 4 (47 days)
Start Tuesday 6 October 2020
Close Wednesday 9 December 2020

School Houses Announced!


Scientific name Breonadia Salicina, magestic evergreen tree.
Its wood is heavy and hard and always used for construction and creating beautiful furniture.

Key words for our Matumi house are Magestic, Consistent and quality.


Scientific name Spirostachysafricana, is a protected species of tree due to the unsustainable
overuse of its wood. Tamboti tree created beautiful furniture and is used to cure many eye and skin irritation.

Key words for our Tamboti house are Protection, Care, Empathy


Scientific name Buddlejaceae, attractive evergreen tree that flowers in winter, creates a dense rounded canopy.
The flower creates an abundant supply of nectar; it’s a good honey tree.

Key words for our Nuxia house are Attraction, Green, Environment

We have chosen our houses and we are elated to have our students allocated to specific houses!

Next week Friday 31 January 2020 - please wear the specific colour your house is associated with!


If you'd like to know in which house your child is, click on the file to download the correct Grade list:

Baby Sprouts Little Sprouts Grade R
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
Grade 7    
Students 2019

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