24 May 2020 - Newsletter

24 May 2020

Dear Thorntree family,

Please watch this very important message from Principal Helyn Pope

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Virtual Schooling

Good Day Parents and Staff,

Guided distant learning will continue to be provided as ‘LOCKDOWN’ commences throughout South Africa.
The school will provide every possible opportunity, through a virtual environment to ensure all pupils make progress as if the school was still open.

Please Download the official documents here:

Virtual school environment policy for Foundation phase 2020

Virtual learning policy for Intermediate Phase 2020

Instructions for Parents and Students on using SeeSaw

Grade 4 - 7 2020 Virtual Class Timetable

Wednesday Cycle Test Schedule Term 2 2020

Report Newsletter - Term 1

26 March 2020

Good morning Parents,

We are very excited to release Term 1 reports today, well done to our students who have performed exceptionally well. We are proud of every single one of you.
Go to assessments to find reports published.
We look forward to starting school on 15 April 2020, this will be virtual assisted classroom with Google until we are allowed back on the premises. Please make sure you have signed up to your teachers Google classroom as soon as possible as we will need to iron out problems before the 15 April 2020 should there be any. Please follow the guidelines from the previous newsletter to set up a conducive and practical working space at home.
At Thorntree we have a one on one meeting with all teachers and head of school in the first few weeks of Term 2 to discuss a progression or intervention program for your child, the Class teacher will confirm the date and time for this meeting, should this need to be a virtual meeting we will organise it on ‘Zoom’ or ‘Google meet’.
Enjoy this time at home with loved ones, we cannot wait to tackle Term 2 with even more challenging and exciting content!
Teachers, I thank you for being open to new challenges and taking them on with true passion and ensuring we make sure the student is at our best interest throughout any difficult decision making.
Warm and SAFE regards during the next 21 days,
Helyn Pope
Head, Thorntree Preparatory School
Mokopane, 0600

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School Closure - 18 March 2020

Good Day Parents and Staff,

Thank you for being calm and understanding in this very uncertain time.

School will close on 18 March 2020 at 12:30 for Foundation Phase, and 13:30 for Intermediate Phase, we will open on 15 April 2020 (Should this change, we will contact you).

A holiday workbook will be sent home from Grade R – Grade 7 with work which needs to be done daily, this book will be assessed and used for Term 2 reports.

Allow for routine at home just as we have routine at school, e.g. Wake up at 7am, get dressed and eat breakfast, start school work at 8am, break (play outside for 20 min), wash hands, have a snack, wash hands, start school work again, read for 20 minutes. (Make sure there is time for FUN too).

We do not want our children to remember this time in a negative light.

Teachers will be available on WhatsApp should you need clarity on any subject or piece of work, please respect this.

This is not an extended holiday, you need to practice self-discipline and contain your family at home, practice hygiene and most importantly have fun with your child. Get back to basics, bake, play board games, test one another’s general knowledge, garden, run through the sprinkler, etc.

We will continuously share all good education sites and information that we have to stimulate your child, please check EduAdmin, WhatsApp and our Website constantly.

TERM 1 reports will be uploaded on 26 March 2020 on EduAdmin (Assessment tab, it has a big green tick) – Please make sure you have the app and it is working. If you do not have it as of yet you need to come to admin before Wednesday 18 March 2020.

School fees are due on the 1st day of every month. Please make sure you make payments on time every month.

Finally, we wish you a very happy holiday, happy Easter and practice kindness.

Helyn Pope
Head, Thorntree Prep School

Download the official document here.

School Houses Announced!


Scientific name Breonadia Salicina, magestic evergreen tree.
Its wood is heavy and hard and always used for construction and creating beautiful furniture.

Key words for our Matumi house are Magestic, Consistent and quality.


Scientific name Spirostachysafricana, is a protected species of tree due to the unsustainable
overuse of its wood. Tamboti tree created beautiful furniture and is used to cure many eye and skin irritation.

Key words for our Tamboti house are Protection, Care, Empathy


Scientific name Buddlejaceae, attractive evergreen tree that flowers in winter, creates a dense rounded canopy.
The flower creates an abundant supply of nectar; it’s a good honey tree.

Key words for our Nuxia house are Attraction, Green, Environment

We have chosen our houses and we are elated to have our students allocated to specific houses!

Next week Friday 31 January 2020 - please wear the specific colour your house is associated with!


If you'd like to know in which house your child is, click on the file to download the correct Grade list:

Baby Sprouts Little Sprouts Grade R
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
Grade 7    
Students 2019

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