Important Dates - Term 1 2020

22 January 2020 - Parents evening Grade R – Grade 3 starting at 17:30
23 January 2020 – Parents evening Grade 4-Grade 7 starting at 17:30
31 January 2020 – FUN Athletics Piet Potgieter High School start 8am
6 February 2020 – Formal Intermediate Phase parents meeting starting at 6pm
12 February 2020 – Foundation phase outing 9-10 am
13 February 2020 – Intermediate phase outing 9-10am
14 February 2020 – Grade 1 Bake sale for Valentine’s day
20-23 February 2020 – Half term back to school on Monday 24 February at 7:20.
7 March 2020 – Literacy day this is a compulsory day for all students to attend.
20 March 2020 – Grade 2 Bake Sale
26 March 2020 – School closes at 10 am, reports will be issued at 10am.

Stationery List 2020

Foundation phase stationery list for 2020

Please note that it is essential for every learner to have all the equipment on this list.
All stationery must be brought to school on the first day of the year.
Excess equipment will be kept at school and handed out when needed.
All stationery must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.
Books may be covered in covers of your choice. However, a subject NAME LABEL will be issued to stick onto each book.
Once these have been allocated, each book then needs to be covered in plastic.
This list is only for January-June. The children will get a new list in Term 2 for the rest of the year.

Download your stationery list for 2020 here


Intermediate phase stationery list for 2020

Please note that it is essential for every learner to have all the equipment on this list.
All stationery must be brought to school on the first day of the year.
Excess equipment should be kept at home till they are needed during the year.
All stationery must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.
Exercise books to be covered in specific cover colours for easy access.
Each book then needs to be covered in plastic.
Books to be covered by the end of 1st week of school year.

Download your stationery list for 2020 here

Wednesday Cycle Test Schedule Term 1 - 2020

Foundation phase stationery list for 2020

Scheduled tests that will be administered on Wednesdays (learners and parents will be notified in advance if the test will be moved to a Tuesday or Thursday, but will still be within the prescribed week)
They are half hour tests testing work covered in the weeks passed since the last test in that subject
The teacher can and may administer other tests during lessons and the learner will be informed accordingly
These will be shorter tests to assess concept understanding, spelling, mental math, etc.
Note that written tests are not the only form of assessment and learners will be assessed in various ways - formally informally, formatively and on various tasks submitted or presented.

Download the Wednesday Cycle Test Schedule for Term 1 2020 here

November Newsletter

Term 4 Overview

Dear Thorntree Parents, family and friends,
this newsletter was done by a few of the grade 6’s
and although this year is reaching it’s end, the students are in high spirits and
want to finish off this year with a bang!

A Quick Re-cap
Two events that we would like to mention are the ESKOM International Science Expo and

Here are some of the highlights...

ESKOM International Science Expo

My experience at Eskom Expo International Science Fair 2019
By Cadeyrn Cox

My experience at the Eskom International Science Fair was amazing!
The experience overall was eye-opening and I met some people who were so inspiring.

This was a four-day program from the 24th - 27th of September 2019 at the Birchwood Hotel near OR Tambo International Airport.
The first day we set up our projects and got to know the place we’re we were going to stay. The second day we all got judged 3 times,
this was split into two different times between 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00. The third day the organisers allowed the public to
come and look at our projects. The fourth day it was prize giving. (THIS TOOK 4 HOURS TO DO!) I was one of the lucky ones to get highly commended.
Over-all I had an amazing experience! Coming from a small town this was a great achievement. My school was very supportive of me and
had my back. I was so very proud to experience this magical opportunity and I hope to go back next year!

Cadeyrn Cox at the Eskom International Science Expo
Cadeyrn Cox at the Eskom International Science Expo

Conquesta Olympiad

By Madintsi Rabothata

Conquesta is a set of tests that primary schools around the country write every year.
Thorntree Preparatory School takes part in writing these tests annually.

Conquesta was established in South Africa in 1998 and still to this day, we are writing the tests. The standard is very high, but it’s always
exciting to write!

Personally, I really enjoyed the test, though I didn't get a ‘platinum’. The grade ones, however, got many platinums which was amazing!

Congradulations to the grade ones! I think that all school's should start writing Conquesta tests – even if it’s just for the experience of it all.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Conquesta and we plan to receive a few more platinums!

Conquesta Olympiads

Studying & Exams


By Elizabeth

Some Notes about the up-coming exams:

  • Only intermediate phase students write exams (other types of assessments are done with the Foundation Phase students).
  • We have started on 20th November and will end on 26th of November.
  • For most subjects, we write one exam a day (8 – 10 am in the morning) and the rest of the day is for studying for the next exam (and maybe some concert practice to get our blood flowing and some oxygen to our brains!).
  • We will write two exams in Afrikaans and English. On this day we will write in the morning (8 am – 10 am) and afternoon (10.30 am – 12.30 pm)
    session. School ends at 12.30pm.

Good luck to everyone who’s writing exams! Study hard and may we all do well!

Study Tips

Mahlatse Leka

Intermediate phase students have just started writing exams and it’s time to set aside
our Fortnight and ‘Fan Fiction’ and start focusing on being well-prepared for the exams.
Here are some studying tips:

  • Make a Study Schedule: Define a time and place for your studies each day,
    and have daily study- goals that you try to achieve every
  • Study for about 30 – 45 minutes at a time with 10 – 15 minute
    breaks in between.
  • Drink lots of water while studying.

- Don’t cram the night before! If you study a little bit each day, you
won’t need to cram and you will be well prepared for the exam.
- Make sure you get enough sleep the night before and eat a healthy
breakfast the day of the exam.
Study well!


Congrats to Ma’am Shabana for her baby girl! We wish Ma’am Shabana and
her family all the best with their new addition!

Our garden is also growing beautifully!

Disney at Thorntree!

Concert 2019After that… there’s Disney at Thorntree!
By Nomphumelelo

Concert tickets are still available but selling fast! If you did not buy the tickets please contact Ma'am Nabeela Mulla.

R50 adults and R20 for children under sixteen years old.

Please also remember that it’s a picnic! So bring picnic blankets and baskets with goodies for you and your family to enjoy as you watch the Thorntree students put on some great performances (which we worked hard on!).

(You might want to bring some anti-mozzi spray too!)

Other Fun Events!

ROR Events

ROR Events
Trail Runs at the Kameeldoring Golf Course. Still one more run to go!

Playball Prizegiving

Playball Prizegiving Carnival
Playball Prizegiving Carnival

Next Year

There are many exciting changes and growth that will
happen next year! Here are some to expect…

Occupational Therapy

An occupational and play therapist has joined us this year! Her name is Merietie Strydom. She is based in Polokwane but
she’s available for consultation. The plans are that she will be here on a more regular bases (weekly or more) at our school from
next year (2020). We’re proud to say that we’re creating a very holistic learning environment here at Thorntree!
Occupational Therapy

Little Sprouts 2020

Introducing the Little Sprouts!
Next year we will have our first grade RR class! Shané Reynolds, who is exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about Montessori teaching.
The grade RR’s next year will be following a Reggio and Montessori based learning curriculum.

Little Sprouts

New Teachers!

Yes! We’re growing and need more teachers!

Get all the details below where Kira interviews Ma’am Helyn about this!

New Teachers!

Baby Class?

We’re looking for teachers for a potential baby class (ages 2 - 5)
for next year! Please spread the word and encourage people to
send their CV to .

A Note for the Holidays and Next Year…

By Khumo Bohlolo

Life changes, but our holiday wish for your remains the same.
We wish you to look after yourselves and to look forward to good
health and well-being these holidays! We wish for you to take the upcoming
year with confidence and courage, giving wings to your
dreams! Live your life to the fullest! Awesome students like you
never luck to be on your side - you are great and can create your
own destiny. Go for it! There is a saying: “Don’t stress, do your best,
forget the rest!” Remember this when you start your exams! Good
luck to all the Thorntree students! May we persevere and thrive!

Bring On 2020!

Students 2019

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