24 July 2020

Dear Thorntree family,

Mr President, thank you. Thank you for keeping our school open and allowing our children to be
in a safe space to continue learning. We are so grateful. ‘ Sometimes the best way to appreciate
something is to be without it for a while.’ With this being said we are very aware of the spike in
cases over the last few weeks and we remain conscious of keeping our staff and students safe.

This week has been a very productive week, our grade 7’s writing the IEB Match test and grade
6’s getting ready to write their CORE test next week. Our students have thoroughly enjoyed
writing these tests and it has tested their knowledge and understanding of all the concepts
learned this year. We are very excited to get the ball rolling to roll out a complete IEB
curriculum (Read more about this curriculum here).

Today we have a workshop run by Naasira Lambat, ‘Nyl Counseling’ for the Intermediate
Phase students. Naasira will be speaking to the children about anxiety, expectations over this
very uncertain time in their lives and really connect with the children to ensure they are heard
and understood. Foundation Phase will have their workshop next week, directed to how they are
feeling during this time too. Please be sure to ask your child about this session today or over the

The Foundation Phase students are all happy and excited to be back at school with all their
friends and we look forward to talking to all the grades next week in our parents meeting. Please
remember that the link has been sent to your child's throntreeprep email account. If you have
any specific questions you would like answered please send the list to the class teacher. All
details on our year ending and curriculum will be answered in the parents meetings scheduled
for next week.

All Thorntree students are required to use their email address for Google
Classroom and Seesaw, this also includes all ‘Google Meets.’ With only 45% of our students
back in the classroom we encourage you as parents to take the responsibility to ensure your
child is doing his or her work at home. We are providing all the necessary curriculum, content
and teaching, all we ask is that you have routine, rules and meet the basic expectations of the
day organised by the teacher. Check your child's email address first thing in the morning to see if
any live Google Meets are scheduled. This should become a habit to ensure you do not miss on
anything for the day. If you are not prepared to do this we ask you to please contact the school
immediately as we cannot have a student registered at our school that does not participate and
complete the curriculum.

Again, thank you to our teachers and support staff for being part of our frontline on this fight

Have a lovely weekend, keep safe.

Kindest regards,

Helyn Pope
Head, Thorntree Preparatory School

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2020 Term Calendar - REVISED COVID 19

Term 1 (53 days)
Start 15 January 2020
Close 26 March 2020
Half term Close 19 February 2020
Return 24 February 2020
Extramural Activity Day
Saturday 7 March 2020

Term 2 (51 days)
Start 15 April 2020
Close 3 July 2020
Half term Close 27 May 2020
Return 1 June 2020
Public Holiday 1 May 2020 (Workers Day)
16 June 2020 (Youth Day) , Thorntree students will have 15 June Monday off too.

Term 3 (50 days)
Start 21 July 2020
Close 25 September 2020
Half term Close 7 August 2020
Return 12 August 2020
Extramural Activity Day
Saturday 1 August 2020

Term 4 (47 days)
Start Tuesday 6 October 2020
Close Wednesday 9 December 2020

School Houses Announced!


Scientific name Breonadia Salicina, magestic evergreen tree.
Its wood is heavy and hard and always used for construction and creating beautiful furniture.

Key words for our Matumi house are Magestic, Consistent and quality.


Scientific name Spirostachysafricana, is a protected species of tree due to the unsustainable
overuse of its wood. Tamboti tree created beautiful furniture and is used to cure many eye and skin irritation.

Key words for our Tamboti house are Protection, Care, Empathy


Scientific name Buddlejaceae, attractive evergreen tree that flowers in winter, creates a dense rounded canopy.
The flower creates an abundant supply of nectar; it’s a good honey tree.

Key words for our Nuxia house are Attraction, Green, Environment

We have chosen our houses and we are elated to have our students allocated to specific houses!

Next week Friday 31 January 2020 - please wear the specific colour your house is associated with!


If you'd like to know in which house your child is, click on the file to download the correct Grade list:

Baby Sprouts Little Sprouts Grade R
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
Grade 7    
Students 2019

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